Making a responsive TV ad 

by Osagie Samuel, Senior Creative Producer, The Broadcast House

Leave your ego at the door

A Great Idea can come from anywhere, when you least expect it; inspired by the last person you thought it might. Keep your eyes and ears open to finding inspiration anywhere. And keep a notepad on your bedside table!

Put yourself in the mind of your customers

If you can understand how your target market thinks, then you can communicate your brand message to them more effectively, in a way that isn’t patronising or cynical. Consumers know that an ad’s primary function is to sell them something but if it seems like you’re trying too hard, they’re not watching your ad, they’re off to make a cup of tea.   

Once more, with feeling

If an advert makes an emotional connection then it’s far more likely to be effective. But emotional doesn’t have to mean saccharine; humour, pathos, and nostalgia are things we all relate to. A human response is what measures an ad’s success; if our adverts are human, the audience is bound to respond. 

Attention to detail

That bit of lens flare in that ad you saw the other day? Or how about the way the décor in the room seems to echo the colours of the brand logo? And the rapport between the couple in the ad seems real right? Well, none of it’s accidental, which is why it’s like a small military operation on set. A small military operation conducting an orchestra. One bum note, and oh look, it’s tea time again…

Sometimes you just have to shoot the guy

There’s a scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana Jones shoots a flamboyant swordsman, that wasn’t in the original script. Harrison Ford was supposed to use his whip to get the swords out of his attacker's hands, but he and some other crew had food poisoning the day they were supposed to do the stunt. After several unsuccessful tries, it was decided Indy would just shoot the guy, making for a scene still as good 32 years later. When you’re on set, things come up that you couldn’t have possibly planned for. Sometimes the most effective solution is to throw out what you intended to do and do the thing that works. 

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